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“Coolest Teaching & Parenting Academy”

EDUVENTOR Teachers Academy welcomes you to a new learning environment where CREATIVE EDUCATION and Teaching Skills Courses are offered to improve soft skills in education. Our academy is also a great avenue to cultivate minds of educators all over the world to think creatively and at the same time expanding, extracting knowledge and extending ideas from the sessions offered.


To offer courses and programs for the aspiring parents, educators and professionals to become effective communicators, critical thinkers, proficient problem solvers, and responsible individuals up to and beyond academics in educating the young learners of today.


We will be an Academy who is providing a powerhouse convenience to Educational Institutions/ Individuals/ Practitioners by offering courses towards reaching, teaching and coaching the learning culture by providing packages of experiential learning.

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Eduventor #FebruarySeries

Hey, parents and educators! Good  news for you and your children! join us in our #FebruarySeries parenting talk while your children have fun getting creative in their awesome workshop suitable for ages 5 to 11 years old.
It’s definitely not a bad idea when you want to sign up for parenting classes! It can help some of the mystery and curiosity of being parents. Whether you have a newborn or  a teenager, it’s never too late to try and learn about parenting! Hey, this session is also open for anyone who questions everything, consistently looks for answers and in turn learns with deep understanding!
Hurry up and sign up for our EARLY BIRD PRICE TODAY!
Seats are Limited
Register now on the link below or contact us for inquiries!

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