ECO-STEM Teambonding

ECO-STEM Teambonding

ECO-STEM Teambonding program for Sekolah Tinta was held in Taman Botani, Putrajaya in collaboration with Perbadanan Putrajaya. This teambonding program were featured in Taman Botani monthly program “Mekar Bulan Ini”. Activities in this program are designed for the teachers to experienced the best of both worlds, ECO and STEM.

Teambonding Group Cheer

Teachers were given tasks few days before the teambonding program started. Each group come out with different animal theme mascot and their own creative group cheer. Look at those creative teachers of Sekolah Tinta came out with their DIY animal mascot and cheers!

Leadership Game – Tower of Unity

Teachers from Sekolah Tinta during Leadership Game planning a strategy for Tower of Unity

Each group needs to build a tower only using paper cups, strings and a rubber band! No hands allowed. This activity is to support and build a good leadership team. Effective leaders need to inspire the team and in order to excel, strong communication and decision making skills are needed. The tallest tower wins!

Botani Walk and Hunt & STEM Task

This activity was organized by Taman Botani, Putrajaya and featured in their “Mekar Bulan Ini” program. The featured plant in December is climbing/creeper plant. Teachers need to solve 17 questions to the climbing plant within 1 hour 40 minutes and 7 STEM tasks to be completed along the journey. All we can say, teachers are as smart as a whip.

Positive Leadership Talk by Dr Amira

In Positive Leadership, Dr Amira from University Malaya speaks on how to be a positive leader. There were a few techniques shared on how to stay calm and to promote self confidence and efficacy. The content covered was focusing on the strength and capabilities of teachers. Great leader leads to happy people!

With the goals of strengthen the bond between school administration, existing and new teachers, this 6 hours activities are meant to enhance their leadership and communication skill. Aside having fun and physical activity, we sharpen their spiritual by having indoor activity throughout Positive Leadership Talk session.